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This game is currently in beta! The current playable build does not reflect the final product!

An old western sci-fi RPG set in an apocalyptic world, without any means of defense other than talking. Stranded in the middle of a desert, you wake up remembering nothing about yourself. Your memory databanks appear to be fried, and the only thing you see when you wake up is a soda machine. In 20XX, all currency is defunct, leaving only liquids as the form of currency. It just so happens that soda is one of the most valuable types of liquids... Not remembering anything, the only logical idea you have is to try and find a nearby town to search for a Quarter Dollar, so that you might obtain a can of soda.

  • Non-Violent RPG Battles
    Battles play out without any means of defense, other than talking. You'll use "flairs" which are skills such as "Vent", "Console", "Question", and much more. Every battle is unique, and has many different solutions!

  • Nothing is as it Seems...
    It's unclear who you can trust, and who is secretly plotting behind your back. Choose your friends wisely, as you make your way to find out the truth behind everything!

  • Lively and Stylish Art
    Featuring rich pixel art, sharp dialogue portraits, and stunning backgrounds!

  • Catchy and Addictive Music
    Amazing wild-west inspired tunes, full of harmonicas, whistles, and detuned pianos!

  • Quirky and Bizarre Characters
    Humans and constructs live together in this future, and everyone has gone a bit wacko. You'll meet tons of crazy cowboys, and out-of-control mechanical weirdos. A mechanical sherrif that pulls you over for mundane things, a guitar-headed undercover officer, an occult fanatic. Many different wacky faces await you in this RPG.


Art by: Spitfaucet and Alennor

Writing by: LCL and Trickster Raza

Programming by: LCL

Music by: Spitfaucet and Daniel Baldwin

If you would like to support development of this game, you can donate to my Ko-Fi or my patreon.

For One-Time Donations: https://ko-fi.com/elsielcl

For Monthly Donations: https://www.patreon.com/LCL


Quarter Dollar - Beta v2.4 308 MB

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I'm working on it! I just don't wanna drop a new demo with only RPG maker assets, i wanna have it more fleshed out


I love this game and am eagerly checking up on it to see when more will come out. Please keep it coming, it enchanted me! We gotta get some soda!!!


I'm currently working on an update to the demo, which will bring new battle outcomes, and replace all of the placeholder assets with proper art! I'm glad you enjoyed it :3


Some fun characters and an interesting "combat" system make Quarter Dollar a fun one to keep an eye on as it continues to develop!


Thanks for checking it out!

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